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chap 58

Well here we are again this chapter had some nice surprises, but i can also see how its tough to fit so much of whats going on into a few pages.

Hands down for me the best line in the chapter had to be Tohou Fuhai basically calling Issa Shuzen, Gyokuro bitch which from some views might look true. However Issa under estimated how much power Tohou has left and the result was a bitching (it look like that blast hurt A LOT). My prediction is this is Tohou's finally fight and he will spare no expense he will go all out even at the expense of his life.

Haiji and Gin manage to surprise even Gyokuro, even the best laid plans can get torn apart. Gyokuro would have never imagined that these 2 would be there to fight. She even admitted that those 2 together are a lethal combination and i can see why. Werewolf's speed forcing the opponents to group together to fend of his attacks only to be clustered together and make the Tengu's wind powers more lethal, they are actually perfect partners long rang and close range. Sucks that Gyokuro had some tentacle's things come out of the dead Vamps. Haji looks to be seriously injured however that might send Kokoa into a fit of rage.

The fact that Kahlua is having a hard time with Kokoa and admits that she cant take a direct blow from her much longer it seems the longer the fight goes on the more of an advantage Kokoa has It shows how much she has improved her strikes are heavier, more powerful and more precise than ever, could we see Kahlua on the defensive. She might not have had the training that her sister had but she still have Shuzen blood in her. Its also the first time that we have heard that Gyokuro had chosen Kahlua as the heir. Its obvious Gyokuro thinks little of Kokoa hence her lecturing to Kahlua. Im not counting Kahlua out of possibly switching sides in the end. Plus Gyokuro is just plain pissing me off now.

Well, the chapter was mostly about s fight + some part of the fight between Issa and Tohou Fuhai along with the fight between Kokoa and Kahula.
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