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Well I think the point of getting renewed permission is to keep Chrono or Carim from releasing the limiter even if they want to. May be a time when they've used it up and are still working on getting that permission renewed. Technically they wouldn't be allowed to release the limiter even if it was a dire situation. Though of course I suppose Chrono could just release it anyway and deal with the problems he'd be faced on that decision later on.

Well I don't think the choice to release Hayate instead of the Captains will be too big a deal. After all if she hadn't they would probably have not made it in time to save the Shamal and Vivio. Or you could go with a simple one. (The fans deserved to see Hayate blasting some enemies , though maybe that might not go well with the higher ups).

Clearly those drones especially with the illusion were being used as a distraction to keep the Captains away from where they really needed to be. Even releasing Nanoha and Fate it would've taken some time to deal with that shear number and that might've been too late. No doubt Nanoha and Fate could've handled it, but nuclear bombarding from Hayate would settle things quicker and put the necessary force out there to protect the city from the enemies already there.
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