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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post

There's actually another reason for Hayate wanting to do it herself. From where she's at, she could take out ll the Drones without them getting close enough to her so the the doctor could collect her data.

Unlike Nanoha or Fate who has to be within viewing range, Hayate could nuke them where she stands.

The thing is that she would still have to explain and get the higher ups to understand.
That actually makes a lot of sense hadn't considered that. Blasting in one strike anyways wouldn't give them much time to record even the demise of their fellow drones. Guess she's really working ahead and making sure to try and keep as much of Fate and Nanoha's abilities under wraps until the time comes.

Yeah higher ups can be a pain to get this concept through. Even Chrono wasn't exactly excited at the prospect of working that out so he could get his approval renewed. Last thing they need is to be out of approvals in a serious conflict and be rushing through a command system to get it.
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