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Read this on 4chan (of all places) and found it interesting enough to copy it. So, I'll just leave this here:

Ryuuji isn't very well liked because he looks angry all the time. His denseness is his defense mechanism against his off-putting looks, but he isn't a retard. It's just his defense mechanism kicking in, because he's always been wondering if there were going to be people ever liking him.

He's a very nice guy and he's very perceptive of other people's needs, too. However he can't reciprocate or even understand Ami's suggestions or even Taiga's actions because he cannot simply understand that people like them could ever like them romantically. I think it's very realistic; I mean, if I befriended a hot model and she'll insinuate that she'd like me I'll think it's just all bullshit and I'll just be hurt eventually. That's what Ryuuji thinks about Ami, and that's why she could never get her emotions through. In addition to that, he hasn't realized Taiga realized her emotions for him because he simply plays his role as a father.

Taiga as a girlfriend to him, while subconsciously desired, isn't really one of his visible options: to him, he's a father and a guiding hand even if subconsciously the imaginary house they built among themselves is toppling down. This was why Ami was angry toward Minori: things can't always stay the same, and that's why she tries her best to reveal the truth of everyone involved. She herself has invested her feelings that she couldn't see it end as it had begun.
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