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Originally Posted by Serpentess View Post
I hate to say it but there won't be another season... Light Novel is ending and anime following it's storyline will also end. (I am sure in 99%)

RyujiXAmi - why not? I noticed Ryuji is the only person who sees Ami in different way. It wasn't that hard to notice after all. And how Ami states it they are both moon. Shame it is least possible pairing in the end. I don't mind this pairing if it happens - just feel bad about Ryuji - he would be teased all the time.
RyujiXMinori - After episodes 19-21 I lost my hope for this ending. Add KitamuraXTaiga and we have 4/5 main characters happy. Two couples connected as a group of friends by Ami. After all Ryuji need some energy in his life and Minori is the best source. For me the best option, too bad author don't think the same way.
The tragedy in the story of Ami is that it shows how *timing* and *first impressions* is just as important as anything else when romance is involved. Ami really lost the game with Ryuuji in the first few moves. Ryuuji simply will not trust her beyond a certain point. She showed up a few months late and then she got off on the wrong foot. That's why she's always looking pissed -- because she's smart enough to know this but not quite skilled enough to keep it bottled up (as we saw in ep 21). One thing Ami seems to have learned in spades is that presenting false face to the world is ultimately a losing way to go.

Minori's tragedy is similar to Sumire's and amplified by her love of Taiga. Minori has goals and direction. A boyfriend would delete or derail those (yeah, this is Japan where women still tend to shut down their careers when they marry). Her heart wants someone like Ryuuji but her brain is focused on her goals, like Sumire.
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