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Just like Saki...the true "potential" of this show can only be enjoyed once the DVD version is out.

Anyway episode 2 was good.Never thought they actually tried to insert a yaoi element on it altho it failed miserably in just few minutes.And the desk position was awesome...which reminded me of a CG from the game,the ending part for Charlotte x Teppei route i think.

How funny Yuu didn't seem to have any feeling when she pulled Teppei's pajamas.And her oppai was big enough to hold Teppei's head from falling down.

And after watching last nite episode,i'm pretty sure the anime will follow Charlotte x Teppei's route unless if they decide to make a change during the last few episode and let Teppei ended up with either Sylvia or Yuu or that another girl (she is a fashion model?).

Hope to see more fanservice next week....and the preview...whats with that samurai stance of Teppei

Originally Posted by Mizuno View Post
Can people stop calling Sylvia Saber? There's only one Saber and the similarity is quite deliberate. Good thing they didn't give her an ahoge or hell would break loose.
I don't think its that annoying..unless if what you meant was about ppl complaining or comparing Sylvia = Saber,which is different from calling Sylvia = Saber.
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