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Originally Posted by Nya~n View Post
The thing is, with every CYOA update, a whole flood of voting posts rushes in, and any fic that gets posted might get passed over, i.e voteroll(that's right, you heard this term here first!). It's hardly fair to the other fanfiction writers.

We've seen CYOAs in the fanfic thread before, so we know there's the space for such fics to sprout up. Might as well give the genre it's own thread since there's the whole voteroll thing.
I have to agree with Nya~n on this. Looking at Tempest's new CYOA, for example, it's proven to be popular and in just a couple of days it's swarmed several pages' worth of the thread. A separate thread would make it a lot easier to keep track of the CYOAs without getting the regular fics as thoroughly lost.
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