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Originally Posted by Nagumo View Post
I was wondering if there could be a thread where I can post all my translations for the Sound Stages. It seems that people are having a hard time looking for previous translations or specific one.

I will of course still post translations as I work with in the Music thread, but once I complete a Sound Stage, I'll post the entire thing in the new thread.

How about it?
Could I suggest that you create the thread in the Fan Creations forum. I don't quite understand what exactly is meant by "translations for the Sound Stages" but I don't see a problem with the thread being located in Fan Creations (since the translation is a fan creation after all).

If need be, the thread could be moved into the Nanoha forum but even if it's not, it will allow easier access to whatever it is Make sure the thread title is clear, Nanoha Sound Stage Translations (or whatever youwould consider suitable).
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