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Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post
Because the translation is being mad by a fan, not anything official from 7arcs.

The same apply to Magical Battle Arena, the doujinshi game in whcih Nanoha, Fate, Vita, Hayate and the gadget dron appear, it's made by fans.
And yet strangely enough, so are fansubs, manga scanlations, fanfiction, fanart, avatars and signatures. Yet these all have dedicated threads here in the Nanoha subforum.

And even so, that does not explain why it would not be more logical to have a Nanoha thread in the Nanoha subforum, rather than have it clog up the Fan Creation forum and taking the place of threads which don't have a dedicated subforum.

Books are placed on the bookshelf, clothes in the closet, so why would a Nanoha thread not be in the Nanoha subforum? It is, after all, the first place one would look for a thread involving Nanoha. And therein lies my confusion.
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