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FPS is very hit-or-miss I noticed. One comp can run it smoothly (or at least more than playable, like in my case) another has crappy FPS, even though the specs aren't that much different.

And yes, the dialog wheel is from other Bioware games, though these are by far the least accurate descriptions I have ever seen. I mean, most of the times they're fairly accurate (though I use the term loosly), but I've seen not a small amount of inaccurate ones as well. Some even have total moodswings, the text suggesting a serious answer and my character throwing out some witty remark.

On another note, finally had a good look at the light/dark side system and I'm... pleasantly surprised by what they did. It's essentially a compromise between the KotoR and Mass Effect system. You can gain both light side and dark side points until either reaches a certain threshold, at which point you gain "+1" dark or light.

I like it. It allows you to generally do what you want, as making a few scattered light side decisions won't really impact your dark side alignment.

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