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Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
I see a lot of series listed here, but I've seen very few of them. I'd be interested in picking up a few, but can people explain why they think it's beautiful? Is it the art style, character designs, or the setting?
I edited my earlier post just now.

But I'll describe each element here.

Lighting - Simple contrast, lens flares, night scenes. I love lights and shininess. I love early mornings, sunsets and night.

Setting - I admire studios that put great effort into their background and add intensive detail and motion into drifting clouds, stars, waving grass, etc.

Music - Not that important for me. I only -love- music when the graphics become absolutely gorgeous. That's when the music that compliments it becomes a thousand times better.

Art Style - Unusual for anime. Either very realistic (appear more boring than most anime character designs) and people look their age, do not have oversized busts, guys aren't twice the size of females. Hair styles are more real-life. Or extremely obscure (Genius party) and out of proportions compared to your usual anime)

Motion - Do not rely on loops. Either very high frame rate or very low frame rate but every frame looks hand drawn with great effort put into it.
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