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Originally Posted by grevierr View Post
Ohh, my bad, got confused, i thought the group of ladies in Adoration was from Schwarzesmarken. I seem to remb that in Chronicles 2 they have their own photo-novel stories from the Euro Front or something. I'm getting confused with all the side stories from 2 different timelines. Also, i can only read via machine translate, so the Makabe name did not get across. I know the 00R is only for direct relations to the Imperial Family, and all others are for the Imperial Household / Guards. I was thinking if the 00C that appears during the Sagahosima (I cant remb the name XC) arc was related.
Schwarzmarken is about east germany and the battle at the oder-neiss line on 1983. There is only 14 novel chapters for it so far, I only read the first 6 and so far its pretty epic.. all the Germans you see in eurofront stories and adoration are West Germans and there earliest story takes place in 2000. they happen in the same timeline since Unlimited timeline happens only if Takeru choose wrongly, and alternative timeline if he choose right. Everything pre 2002 can be considered one timeline.

also massive update at the homepage.
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