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The co-op is definitely where I derive my enjoyment of this game. I didn't have any mouse issues, although I've disabled all the windows mouse crap a long while ago, and just made the X and Y sensitivity the same, I think middle of the bar. Aiming hasn't been an issue for me since.

The lack of in-game communication does blow my mind, I am surprised they'd just "leave that out".

If they could introduce a DLC with in game comms, single or co-op / vs game play with every original syndicate map mission + the risk style strategic overlay / corp research n procurement + taxes, this game would be epic.

Honestly, just tack on the original game strategic functionality, with all the upgraded bodyparts etc, or even body part controlling features, make it so you can research resistances + armor / hp per body part, add agent customization, and more rpg level up options.

Add AI team options, with the other 1-3 agents people you had to persuade during missions, make it so you can upgrade their AI, add stocking for weapons so we aren't stuck to only the starter weaps. add a greater range of smgs / pistols. Make it so the entire syndicate can share stock AI agents, and that they can be upgraded.

I guess I just want more I've been waiting so long for a good co-op game, why not make it better?

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