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Originally Posted by Sol Falling View Post
it is ridiculously naive to think that you can get through all of life relying solely on "truth" or "objectivity". The sooner that people realize that you really do have to make room to account for human weakness (both in yourself, and in others) and empathy, the better.
For me, the main difference between real life and here, is that we are in the internet here. This might not be the case for all, but for me internet community-based sites were always places where you could disregard the annoyances that real life interaction presents (such as restraint when expressing your opinion directly because you might offend someone). The most heated discussions tend to happen over text, especially on internet forums like this, and this doesn't just pertain to anime.

Now we have Facebook, Twitter and all that jazz and it seems like the web is just an extension to real life, so the difference is more blurry, but still I never expect to be taken too seriously when I post, and I don't take many posts seriously either.

And for your other point, anyone with half a neuron should realize that there is no real "truth" for anything (much less for entertainment), and so I don't really look at how someone words their posts at the time of replying. Whether they said "X is shit because of Y", or "I didn't really like X, due to Y", makes no difference the same for argumentative purposes.
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