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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
Unfortunately, being a dick makes you a target for moderator intervention.
We all knew that many people have been eaten by Solace's carnivorous bunnies throughout the history of the forums because of their d-baggery that breaches proper behavior in the forums.
Well to me, it's like quality visuals in anime. Except translate visuals to tact and the plot to the argument itself. I'd rather take a good story that's unpolished, over a polished turd.


Crappy visuals are crappy visuals!

You cannot go "Well I have a good plot, so I can not put any effort in the presentation"

Likewise, when you have no tact in an argument, you cannot make that kind of excuse for yourself. A flaw is a flaw.

Furthermore, it is just common sense that participation in a community means that you accept certain standards of the community. Because nobody is forcing you to stay, you should either adapt or leave. Some forums don't allow you to cuss, so I should adhere to it. Even if I disagree with it with all my heart.

Even if you think the rules are stupid, blatantly ignoring them is immature. If you do that, then don't try to think of yourself as a rebel martyr fighting for justice or freedom. You'd be no more virtuous than a homeless guy crashing a party and pissing on the walls.
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