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Originally Posted by 2H-Dragon View Post
Actually it is, but in reality you just go complain to a judge so you can marry and have babies anyhow. Blood related people can have sex and do all of that, but they are not alowed to marry or have babies.
Actually there is a couple in Argentina who are brother and sister and have a baby daughter together and it's perfectly legal. The only thing they can't get married, but still there very happy with there baby.

And in Columbia there is a father and daughter who have 2 babies. And there babies are very normal and healthy

In fact the brother/sister baby is also normal and healthy.

With both cases they all know there related. And yet there very happy as they are. Even if there not married they have there children.

So it's perfectly legal to have a child even if your related, be it brother/sister or father/daughter.

And this was told to me by one of my college professors today in class.
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