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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Was it ever explained in any side-materials why Graham > rules?

He made his own discretion to sortie against Exia, he can unconditionally refuse to be part of the GNX team and instead have his own Flag retrofitted with a GN Drive, and from the looks of S2, he seems to be able to casually flaunt his own modifications to his uniform, wear a mask, and put on unnecessary attachments to his Ahead.
Well, it was explained in one of the supplementary materials that he invented the mid-air transformation maneuver for the Flag--the Flag was never designed for spontaneous transformation in the air, unlike the Kyrios. People call it the Graham Special.

And I think he earned the right to marry someone's daughter, but he declined. And... I can't remember anything else about his past. Others know better than I do.
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