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Shizou identified that something reeked and once he found Izaya he knew it was him.

Celty also felt Izaya was a bit creepy too. But it's just she doesn't react with murderous hatred because she isn't violence in a body.

I'm pretty sure the hint is that it's to do with the supernatural rather than just 'instinct' and that it will be explained later on.

Anyway i thought this episode was great. Even though Shizou's reason for hating Izaya right off the bat was strange, I still manged to sympathise with him and hate Izaya a little myself. So that was well done imo.

Other great stuff like Darher Than Black, Bacanno!!, Cencoroll, chibi Shizou, teen Izaya vs Shizou, ShizouxCelty and Shizou weilding a road sign that says '!'.
I think Shizou disliked Izaya for his insensitive-ness. Imagine a stranger/friend's friend applauding you for something you hate to do, with a smile on his face, like mocking you. I think i understand how Shizou feels
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