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Originally Posted by Lostdreams View Post
GG to the roach nerf. Sigh, why make them if you're going to start making them unusable anyways.

I feel like the cannon nerf is good because everybody tries to photon cannon rush a zerg on steppes of war.
Roach is still pretty strong though. Considering it costs only 75 mineral and 25 gas each, it has higher hp (tank capacity) than marauder, do more damage per hit to light, can regenerate when burrow and maybe come out quicker (can't remember build time). Yeah, marauder is direct counter to the roach but roach is also a counter to hellion rush too. With Thor nerf in the previous patch it can take out thor better too. So I don't think it will be unusable.

About Forge nerf, yeah it seems many people try to cannon rush somehow. I also once got proxy pylon + canon rush in my base (bad scouting for myself), luckily I'm a Terran so I just lift off and land somewhere else.
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