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I'm on a really bad losing streak right now against all races. I need to watch all the replays cause something horribly wrong if I got beaten my last game due to 9 carriers. Not that I'm saying I'm good as I'm copper league and this entire RTS genre is new to me (last time I played SC or BW was in middle school and it was only campaign).

And by horribly wrong, I mean that my timing in terms of attack and expand are just way off. I got caught by surprise as I was trying to expand so my opponents got several shots off me, effectively killing my army. That and I turtled the last three matches. Stupid stupid stupid.

Basically use the basic Terran build order (or slightly changed):

9/11- Supply at choke
11/11 Barracks, right as supply finishes
13/19 Refinery
14/19 Get first marine to kill the scout
15/19 Orbital Command <-- Not sure whether I should use the scan or MULEs with the initial 50 energy. I'm leaning more towards MULEs.
16/19 Second Barracks

And it all falls apart from there.

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