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Originally Posted by Who View Post
I'm on a really bad losing streak right now against all races. I need to watch all the replays cause something horribly wrong if I got beaten my last game due to 9 carriers. Not that I'm saying I'm good as I'm copper league and this entire RTS genre is new to me (last time I played SC or BW was in middle school and it was only campaign).

And by horribly wrong, I mean that my timing in terms of attack and expand are just way off. I got caught by surprise as I was trying to expand so my opponents got several shots off me, effectively killing my army. That and I turtled the last three matches. Stupid stupid stupid.

Basically use the basic Terran build order (or slightly changed):

9/11- Supply at choke
11/11 Barracks, right as supply finishes
13/19 Refinery
14/19 Get first marine to kill the scout
15/19 Orbital Command <-- Not sure whether I should use the scan or MULEs with the initial 50 energy. I'm leaning more towards MULEs.
16/19 Second Barracks

And it all falls apart from there.
You definitively should use Mules early on. However, as the game reach midgame, you should save some energy for scans. Depending on the match up, you may have to save more energy for scans than mule.

You can win games in copper to gold leagues by only having a decent macro. Maybe you should look at your macro at mid/lategame.

And your BO seems ok at first. However, what is that BO for? When making BOs, you need to give a clear objective. Are you going for all-in strategies? Are you going for a fast expo? Are you going to harass as early as possible with hellion/reaper/banshee? You have to answer this question when making your early game BO.

Now assuming you are not playing with a strategy in mind. Just playing with the flow and countering whatever your opponent is doing. This is ok for copper league I guess. It will be more a matter of getting the right amount of units and attacking when the opponent can't win the battle. You will depend on your macro, scouting skills, and observing/judging skills. I would try to get a plan before the match and if possible, specific plans (and plan B too) against each match up.

If you know what counter what, just work with your macro and don't let the opponent get map control by doing so. You should seize it. Take control of the Xel'naga towers all the time if possible. Don't turtle too much. Turtling is giving up map control. You can't scout/expand/attack/defend properly without map control.

If you want/need to expand, you need to do something to grant that expo will be up safely and with a good number of workers ready. You should time your attacks/harassment while expanding. They can't attack your expo if they are getting hammered. If you are at disadvantage after an engagement, you should not expanding. You must seize an advantage in other to expand. If you spot your opponent fast expoing, you can assume you are safe to expand too if both players have the similar macro skills. You will get the timing to do stuff as you get more experienced.

In the end it's all up to practice and doing it intelligently.
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