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you should only need 2~ scv per a mineral field 3 is usually excessive for the cost benefit, forgot who did a graph but typically you only need a max of 23 scv's for saturation at your main. Anymore then that unless you plan on splitting scv's to your expansion is a waste due to diminishing possible returns.

First energy should always be used for mule, you should already have a scv scouting during this time (immediately after supply is done at latest) for funny stuff like proxy gates fast pool etc... the scv should still be scouting around while orbital is creating until the first of your oppnents units come out and they block off there entrance (if they don't it's cheaper to just suicide scv's throughout the game to scout as a mula gives about 270 minerals where as a scv is 50.) either way you shouldn't waste the energy on anything but mula for at least the first 2 times as terren.
Late game saving some energy is nice (though it's honestly more likely to occur after a point due to a player missing mula micro timings)
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