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Originally Posted by Who View Post
I'm on a really bad losing streak right now against all races. I need to watch all the replays cause something horribly wrong if I got beaten my last game due to 9 carriers. Not that I'm saying I'm good as I'm copper league and this entire RTS genre is new to me (last time I played SC or BW was in middle school and it was only campaign).

And by horribly wrong, I mean that my timing in terms of attack and expand are just way off. I got caught by surprise as I was trying to expand so my opponents got several shots off me, effectively killing my army. That and I turtled the last three matches. Stupid stupid stupid.

Basically use the basic Terran build order (or slightly changed):

9/11- Supply at choke
11/11 Barracks, right as supply finishes
13/19 Refinery
14/19 Get first marine to kill the scout
15/19 Orbital Command <-- Not sure whether I should use the scan or MULEs with the initial 50 energy. I'm leaning more towards MULEs.
16/19 Second Barracks

And it all falls apart from there.

I don't see "Send SCV out to scout" in your build order, and that may be the problem.

The biggest change SC2 faces is that certain units counter other unit types way more than counters in SC1 worked now that units is SC2 have damage bonuses vs certain target types added directly to their DPS.

this means you MUST scout. keep an eye on what your oppnent is doing as often as you can because if you see they are going for a certain unit ( carriers ) you can build up a carrier counter ( The THOR's 250 mm cannons rape carriers, as do mass vikings if microed ) . Send one SCV out to scout to see if you need to defend against an initial rush, then start scanning their base ever so often to see what they are up to.
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