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Given that I'm only in copper right now so I believe that I simply don't do the right things but what exactly can Terran do against Protoss? >_> While I can hold off their ground offense usually I get destroyed by an innumerable amount of Void Rays ._.

Mass Viking isn't that hot against super charged Void Rays and Marines+Turrets won't cut it if you get nuked on the ground at the same time ._. I uh don't know the exact order but usually I go 9/11 Supply at choke, 12/19 Barracks, 2nd Supply Depot at choke with 2nd Barracks following, then into Factory and double Starport for either Vikings or fast Banshees+cloak. The SCV used for the Barracks is usually sent to the enemy base after finishing it.

Any general outline how (not) to play vs Protoss?
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