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Thanks for the ideas. I might post some replays once I figure out how to export them from the beta client ._.

It seems the key is to apply pressure from the early game and continue to harass him with whatever means possible while keeping a constant flow of units and teching your base at the same time. Easier said than done though lol. Also from what I heard (from gold/platinum players) Protoss is pretty much unrushable but personally I never really tried to rush them over. And are you serious about floating your barracks over o_o. A Stalker or two shoot it down quite quickly and wouldn't you rather use it to build units D:

Never had cannon rushes used against me, my walloff usually denies their scouts unless they send it super early and I'm fairly confident about holding off cheese. That's what I believe but I just had a talk with a toss player and he made me unsure about that argh. On the other hand I really really don't want to use cheese myself. I believe it's cheap (6 pool on Steppes of War is the lamest thing ever) to do so while it annoys me more to lose I'd rather go standard build that cheese.
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