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Originally Posted by 00-Raiser View Post
Yeah, but then after they download it they then report the file, getting it removed from the hosting service and ensuring that no one else can download it (while attempting to get me arrested in the process). Thanks to those few people, I have absolutely no way to share vic-vic and my hard work with the masses.

Being a psych major and all, my theory is that they know that NanoFate isn't really canon, but they go to great lengths to convince themselves otherwise. So when arguments against NanoFate arise, they have to devalue the statements by writing them off as 'trolling' to remove the possibility of being swayed by them. Basically, insecure people lashing out when something threatens their ideal.

It's hard for me to ignore, though. I mean, if I just sit back and take it, people will take that as a sign that everything being said is true. More than that, I'm too much of a sensitive wuss, I guess. I tear up at things like the ending of Gunbuster. Also, events like this actually make me feel physically ill, so...

Plus, when they start attempting to get ahold of my personal information and try to get me arrested, I don't think I should just turn a blind eye to that...

Errors in the usual place.

Good chapter. I enjoyed hearing about Fate, Vivio, and Yuuno's lives together. I still think Fate remains attached to that time. I mean, why else would she keep his last name?

Well done fight scene and it included enough novel moves to really show that they are much different from before. Now we have to wait and see if it was a double K.O. or not.

Actually, /m/ was actually really good about the whole thing before. I've been going there for years and there have been several Nanoha threads where the shipping discussions have been peaceful. Heck, a few were flat out pro-het and pro-Yuuno. So really for that board what happened over the past few days is a freak occurence. Here's hoping it stays as an isolated incident.

You forgot to mention that I suck at fighting games

Anyways, I have something of my own to post now. This is a follow up to my previous Lutecia/Erio short. Megane, Fate, and Nanoha sitting down for a chat. More Fate teasing ensues.

Naturally there are those who will hate it and be pissed off by it, but oh well.

Bewarned: the title isn't just for show

Spoiler for Adult Conversation:

Spoiler for notes:

In other news, current poll results are:

Get lost you troll - 25
Keep going - 20
Don't care - 1

Well, even if the final result is 9001 vs 20, at least I'll know to write for those 20 people.
Sorry for not addressing this post earlier...

Yeah, I really had a nice laugh outta the whole situation. Cougar!Megane sounds really delicious... so much that I gotta get it as a possible joke for future Material Days stuff.

As for the fighting game thing, don't worry about it. At least you managed to take a decent chunk of wins when we played Gundam 00 thanks to Stupid Sexy Lockon.

Page Claim for Cougar Megane, one awesome MILF!

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