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I am not sure at all if that will be Vajra vs. Humans. After all, the banner seems to be a bird-human.
If we take it for symbolism, we could suggest that Sheryl goes Sara on someone, which goes nicely with all the destruction. Could it be Sheryl's blood type will actually come up in this version? Remember in the park with Ranka, Sheryl, and Ai-kun, Ai-kun spots Sheryl's earrings and it triggers a memory of the picture of Mao wearing that earring, then he squeaks and runs. It could be foreshadowing to the next movie. Mao, the earrings, Sheryl, all have Protoculture in common, and Protoculture knew about the Vajra and practically worshiped the things. I think this relationship is going to get a lot more development. As to how it will play out, eh, the imagery is definitely abstract, but it seems to suggest Sheryl as a force of destruction waving the flag of Protoculture while Ranka is more or less peaceful, if magical girly. It rather exaggerates what happened in the last episodes of the series, with Sheryl singing Frontier on to victory and crushing the Vajra menance while Ranka (barring her mind control phase) wanted to reach an understanding with the Vajra and make peace when she ran off with Ai-kun and Brera.

I still want that poster.
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