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Originally Posted by Twi View Post
The theme for this series seem to be atonement.

Riku's lies got Neene and that other girl killed, and now he's trying to atone and stop lying.

Rena's actions led to the death of her parent's who became kamogari, and she's trying to atone.

Shirou's actions...well caused everything, and his final attempt at atonement was preventing those two from drowning in their own guilt.

Takao is trying to atone for his mother and coffin princess death.

Riku is improving, by leaps and bounds, but it's a slow process nonetheless. He's still suffering from seeing first hand the results of his actions, but at least now he won't cross certain lines to chase after Amane. Rena is becoming more emotionally open with Riku.

And you can't compare this series to pokemon, digimon, or any other shounen, since it's a seinen.
Thanks for the summary and breakdown and of course I'm not comparing this series to those 2, but I was using those 2 to compare each other as an example for this.
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