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Well that wasn't too bad. We're definitely racing around, but suppose it could have been worse.

Never ceases to amaze the things Saito tries to get Louise to say . They really do need everyone to just go home and then import in some costumes so their hilarious games can continue .

Good plan to seal that room away. Henrietta can wait forever and nothing like that should happen again. The key lesson here is that Louise shouldn't give a damn how others feel and be utterly selfish herself. Tell everyone including Henrietta to stay the heck away. At least until Saito has the ability to be more forceful in turning these girls away.

Too bad for how the others feel, but it's like how Saito said at the end. No reason for him to stay in that world if Louise isn't with him. Still hopefully we don't have to deal with too much of this kind of stuff.
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