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The pallets in Yamato's hanger are double sided and there are 14 pallets on the main drum, plus what seems to be two more flanking the hanger door. That's room for 32 Cosmo Falcons (though one pallet looked empty, possibly for maintenance so the planes are out of the way). Also Japanese carriers always carried a half dozen or more disasembled spare planes to fill in combat loses.

We've not yet seen how the Cosmo Falcons are recovered yet.

The combat load of the Cosmo Falcon is interchangable. They can likely carry anti-ship and anti-ground missiles as well as anti-air missiles.

However they are also a stop-gap measure. There were not enough Cosmo Zeros in service yet, so they made do with modified Cosmo Falcons. If the Second series comes out, they should be replaced by the purpose build Cosmo Tigers based on combat experiance with Yamato's fighter wing. Though one wonders if the Cosmo Zero is too expensive or if the Cosmo Tiger is just that superior of a fighter.
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