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Originally Posted by atua
That's true enough. But if we're talking about legality, then I'm fairly sure that technically *all* fansubs are illegal, not just DVD rips.
yes it's true and yes I'm aware of that. DON'T DOWNLOAD !! IT'S BAD !!

I think it's not completely illegal when it's just airing on TV. Because, you could copy it on VHS (is it legal?) etc.. so, basically, once you publish it on TV, u know, you're loosing your copyright... but you have "TV quality" or "VHS quality" (now you can have DVD-R quality maybe, I don't know).

But ripping a DVD I think it's not the same. It's really stealing. It's like publishing a music title taken from a CD. Anyway. We are all aware it's bad but we can't resist.

Stealing the fansub is just a lazy act that shows lack or respect for the original fansub group. You had a good memory to see that. I don't remember the sub titles of ep. 1.
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