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Originally Posted by LotionExplosion View Post
Finishing Up NIER (360)

Obtaining ENDING D right about.... NOW!

Love this game, I consider anyone who loves a good story pick this up.

EDIT: Ending D didn't feel very natural to me... ENDING C seemed alot better.
I just finished up ending D on Nier (360) last night as well. I made a stupid mistake though and copied the wrong save to a memory card before going for ending D and lost a few hours of gameplay when the saves were wiped. Seriously, who came up with the ending scheme in Nier?

I was also working on getting the full 1000 achievement points but was stuck on the "upgrade all weapons to 100%" one. Farming rare items in Nier sucks donkey balls. The stupid subdued bracelet from flying shades was the one I was going for. I farmed for almost 10 hours and gave up. Reminds me too much of grinding in Final Fantasy XI (Nier oddly looks kind of like FFXI too, grainy low-res textures and all).

I've also been replaying Wizardry 8 (PC). I love this old dungeon crawl, it's a pity PC games aren't made like this any more.

Going to start playing Infamous tonight, I need a break from RPGs.
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