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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
I'm a bit surprised to find myself doing this, but I'm going to write a bit of a defense of Mikono here. I'm not as big a fan of her's as I once was, but I still think she's a good, solid character.

The thing with Mikono - and actually one of the main things that her and Amata have in common (which could help to explain their attraction to one another) - is that Mikono is a "Go with the flow" sort of person.

She just goes with her emotions, and tries her best to handle new situations as they arise. But like Amata, she's not very proactive. That's probably why neither has confessed to the other one yet - Each would probably prefer it if the other one took the romantic lead, but neither of them are good at taking decisive action to solve their issues.

That's not to say that Mikono doesn't have a jealous/vaguely tsundere-esque edge to her. She does. But honestly, that's always made her more interesting to me. Without that edge, she'd be too much "generic moe", imo (Mikono's character design with a consistently sweet/forgiving personality is just too prototype conventional moe, imo).
Its not just that Mikono is not proactive, I think that Mikono is also a bit afraid of being proactive as well, and no wonder considering how much a jerk her father is, she probably grew up afraid of really expressing herself, or not really knowing how (even though this tidbit was introduced late).

But she does have a bit of laid back personality so long she doesn't feel threatened.

With Zessica basically I agree with kuromitsu, even though her reaction to falling for Amata was realistic it was just too overblown. To the point where she is now just defined by her unrequited love for Amata.
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