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Originally Posted by finalfury View Post
Her love towards Amata has signs that are found in episode 1 BD but in the TV airings, but she shows signs of love in episode 7 when Amata gets hit by lasers and she gets distressed because of that.
Her depression isn't really that bad. Its just focused on a lot for plot advancement believe it or not. Despite Aquarion Evol loving the usage of the "pause button" a lot, Zessica's character development(along with all that hateful angst) serves as a plot device that helps progress the plot instead of them just pausing one character(Kagura, im looking at you) for a couple of episodes. She's handling her depression well enough considering her mental state and the only real angst moments are the shower scene and the first encounter with Mykage scene as mentioned by Vena.
Mikono isnt a horrible character but she is terribly irritating at times(the stopping Amata from shooting Kagura moment really got to me in a bad way).
Whether or not she lusts for Kagura(I doubt it), she does feel drawn to him, most likely because of pity.
Yes, I know that Zessica showed signs of liking him, but because of what? Amata hadn't really shown her any attention. Why would she love him for that?

I agree that her angst has purpose ,but it won't lead to anything good, it's just something to be used for manipulation. I'm curious to how Mykage is going to use her from now on though and what state she's in. Will he inflict mind control? Or did he leave her dead because he had no other use for her.?(Probably unlikely) If he takes her to Altair will she turn into a guy? :P

I think Mikono saved Kagura because of that reincarnation mess being thrown at her all of a sudden and her being confused because of it. She was begging Amata to "forgive him" so I think it has something to do with their past lives. Although I'm confused as to why Amata would have to forgive himself. :/
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