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It seems to me that Chuunibyou is following a story outline that recognizably has VN Routes, especially of the kind of plot that Key favors.

Just like many VNs, the first six episodes are devoted to a great deal of comedy. The route then begins with the backstory of the girl in question being revealed, creating a challenge or a conflict, which in the process of resolution creates romance.

I think, if we were to see the first half of Chuunibyou as the Common Route, and the anime as a whole through a VN Lens, then the structure of the plot begins to make a huge amount of sense. Put in simply, if Chuunibyou was a Visual Novel, Rika would be the lead girl, and we are well into the Rikka route, especially with the last two episodes. (In-fact, I'd argue the last three - four episodes, for that matter, it's just that the last two episodes have become much more sharply Rikka-centric.)

That does not mean that a Nibutani route is unimaginable, for example. Indeed, I can very easily see Chuunibyou becoming a visual novel, and likely a very good one. There are precedence for this- for example, look at the upcoming Kokoro Connect visual Novel.
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