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-Azure Air/Heir: said to be stuck inside the palace with The Infinity and monsters on the outside. Is he actually trapped there ala SAO style, unable to log out? That would suck big time if it is.
Yes. No leave point = you no leave.

Green Grande/Iron Pound: IP is supposedly his 3rd lieutenant. No mention of 1, 2, and others?
Not too sure but I think one of his other lieutenants was mentioned in Accel World: Dural Magisa Garden. All in all he has a total of 6 lieutenants, collectively know as the 'Six Layers of Armor' of Great Wall.

Disaster Armour with 100% transfer rate: does it pass on to a random avatar who fought the thing, or the person who killed it? Mainly cos I'm writing a fanfic and need some canon material.
Random person, or it might be whoever first comes into contact with its blood. Lotus didn't get infected even though she dealt the death blow. The 4th Disaster's fluids did spill onto Radio, so it might be an accompanying visual effect when you receive the armor. Strangely enough Radio didn't get infect even though he held the item for 2 years, whereas Haru lost control barely six months in.

Though it seems like Haru's case was special in that the armor didn't appear in his inventory.
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