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The G3 in counterstrike is the sniping variant, it has a slighly longer barrel and a optic scopt.

The G3 is quite a bitch if you fire it on full auto. After the 3rd shot, your aim will be totaly off. (but the recoilwith single fire isnt really that strong. The first time i shot it in the army i was quite surprised how little there was. But it is LOUD.)

btw: most movies/animes ect TOTALY fuck up the penetration power of rifle/pistol rounds.
That scene in episode 1 totally sucked, especially compared to how realistic the rest was...

in my grandfathers company back in ww2, one didnt remove the 9mm bullet of his pistol from the bullet chamber while cleaning (common mistake to forget the check after removing the mag). It penetrated a brick wall and hit another soldier behind it in the leg.

While in the army, they showed us how little "cover" things like cars, doors ect give. They had one old picture from an accident, where a soldier shot his truck with his g3 (yeah, forgot to remove mag while doing the standart guncheck before entering it). The 7.62x52 bullet completely penetrated the engine and hit the ground on the other side of the truck....
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