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Originally Posted by DragoonKain3 View Post
I feel so freaking blind. They had freaking Mayu Tsukimura@Ninomiya-kun, who would totally kick the living crap out of any of the girls today in my moe meter, and I totally missed her until I saw her pic in the mouse over. One of the things K-moe has over J-moe; I can actually put a face to the name, which is important as some of these series started almost a year ago already. And sometimes, I tend to just skip over the names, but seeing a pic that I recognize makes it so I don't really miss anything, which is very good IMO. props to K-moe organizers.
That K-Moe tactic is why I started adding avatars to ISML's vote page. It is rather frustrating to vote without knowing who you are voting for.
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