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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
Irokane-steel alloy?

Chemistry 101 : As long as it is a metal with a malleable nature and non-liquid, it usually can be alloyed or plated/coated around something. It is due to the nature of metallic bonds - all you need to do is to rule out a base metal to work with and the properties you want it to have, and mess around with the composition until you get what you want.
Aha! 0.1% Gin-Irokane, 99.9% Nemo's secret recipe, and has to be recharged using the mini Hadron collider Nemo built in his workshop. Isara carries 3 such round shields, 2 on her back and one on her arm. Therefore, she can only sustain 15 mins of invulnerability at most (which then leaves her completely spent in terms of stamina as well)

So, for better management she turns the shield on as a reactive defence, and spends more of the power on shield tosses and heals.
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