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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
I am not going to take the double-insult of "technobabble" and "junk science" lying down when I am not spouting intelligent design, and where my idea lies somewhere between the region of science fiction and non-fiction with possibilities to be explored and story ideas to be exemplified.

I take my science seriously and I do my best to turn it into workable fiction basing it on the fundamentals of both theory and practical, as well as experience. If anyone has ideas, share. Any corrections that can be made, point out and provide proof. That is civility; not half-past-six "it is rubbish and cannot be done" replies without any technical backing which is a taunt to start a flame war.
Then you should be fine rebutting the claims, rather than counter-demanding that they show proof. I realize you take things seriously, but don't let it get you hot under the collar.

Back to the topic, Butei Law 9 is followed as a guideline. Any weapon that can kill can be used to injure, for example, security troops wielding shotguns often fire at the leg so the pellets will disable the person. Of course, there is a risk of blowing their leg off entirely; nonetheless if weapons are not to be used to kill, why wield them?
Sure, any law can be broken in some way, be it accident or purposeful, but doing so would undermine the meaning behind the Butei Laws. In doing so, a Butei wouldn't really be a Butei anymore, but a common cop. It kinda ruins the purpose, ya know? I mean, why create the Butei when you can just invest in more police (overly simplified, but the meaning's the same)?

Certainly, there probably have been moments when Law 9 had to be broken, or close to it (as seen in Ep 5), but that comes down to choice. If you allow me to pick at your stuff a bit, having a railgun-pistol that shoots a .50 or .69 caliber ball doesn't seem very safe.

At the same time, I do ponder how the hell does certain someones avoid killing their target, since these certain someones uses a damn M60 machine gun or a S&W 500. These weapons certainly lack a gentle touch.

Well, whatever. As long as purposefully-lethal shots are not done, I don't think any Butei would be in trouble if their shot-to-the-shoulder ricocheted off the shoulder blade and bounced into the heart. Here's to hoping no one thinks of bringing along a lasgun or a goddamn bolter.
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