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Originally Posted by Arturro View Post
I suppose there is "time limit" for each maiden. It's not smart, on a isolated island, "to lose" 3 young women in each generation. So when they mature enought (probably mid twenties) they stop to be a maiden, and can marry ang give birth. As we've seen, there is about 10 girls on whole island, so excluding 1/3 of womens from reproducition is unnacceptable.

I don't understand, why Nagi have to choose one of them as his lover. All 3 girs already are his wives. Human laws do not apply to gods, so why Nagi couldn't have 3 wives?
As you can see in my post, I never limited to one girl.

As for allowing a maiden to step down creates new complications for as I wrote the dragon god is like the Dalai Lama and is reincarnated the same time the prior dragon dies so the seat of dragon god is in theory always occupied.
If a maiden is allowed to step down then do they offer another maiden to take her place since each maiden represents a vital ritual meaning?

The reproduction theory also holds problem, if the dragon god can possess three girls then he is "hogging" 1/3 of the precious resource so to speak.
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