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Originally Posted by Tri-ring View Post
As you can see in my post, I never limited to one girl.

As for allowing a maiden to step down creates new complications for as I wrote the dragon god is like the Dalai Lama and is reincarnated the same time the prior dragon dies so the seat of dragon god is in theory always occupied.
Not exactly. Dalai Lama is reincarnated the same time the prior Dalai Lama dies. dragon god is not. To be a dragon god one must be:
- a boy born from former Maiden;
- a boy born the same day of the year the former Dragon god died. Not the same day! DG before Nagi died long time ago.
I assume it's maidens duty to find a husband and to born as many children as possible, in hope of giving birth to a boy. If I remeber correctly maidens give birth only to girls - with exception of dragon god. BTW - that is, till now, only supernatural thing in that manga.

Originally Posted by Tri-ring View Post
The reproduction theory also holds problem, if the dragon god can possess three girls then he is "hogging" 1/3 of the precious resource so to speak.
Womens are not the "resource", childrens are. Society to survive needs childrens. Number of childrens depens on number of young womens and "technicaly" one male is enought for hundrets of females. "Unlucky" boys will have to find wives on another islands.
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