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Chapter 9: "the three maidens":
- Goto Nagi mother (Okitsu Miyako) was Cape Maiden;
- Maidens tends to give birth to girls, boys are a rarity;
- Shisuku, Soyogi and Karin are daughters of previous Maidens (I'm not sure if translation and my understanding of that part is correct - Tri-ring, could you confirm please?, it's on page 7);
- the DG is born the same day the previous DG dies - I'm not sure if it means, DG reincarnates in the exact moment of his death (like Dalai Lama), or it's in the same day of the year, but may happen many year later. It's on pages 8 and 9, page 8 alone suggest first option, but page 9 confirms second. Tri-ring could you confirm translation of that 3 pages for us? Pretty please
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