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Originally Posted by Tri-ring View Post
On page 200 Yae continues that rarely a male offspring from priestess of the Misaki is born which through oral legend is said to be the reincarnated soul of the dragon god.
Yae continues that she is told that the dragon god's reincarnation occurs the same day the past dragon god passes away.
Although she did not ask Nagi the year I think she already knows since he is the same age as Karin.
That part is still confusing for me. "oral tradition" and "she is told" indicates, that Yae has never seen dragon god before. "Same day" suggest that last DG died when Nagi was born.

There is another option. There are probably 3 maternal family lines of Maidens, and Maidens are born from one of those families, not necessary from a Maiden. In other words Rinne (Karin sister) daughter could be also a Maiden. Co Nagi is a cousin of one, or more of current Maidens.

Interesting, Maidens names relates to elements they represent.
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