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Huh? Wonder what that "morale" counter is about? I'm guessing if troopers die it goes down, and goes up for every kill? And knowing the Japanese... combat boosts if it hits a certain point.

Also just noticed that they do actually run around in Gallian military outfits during the battles! Hooray for common sense!

Edit: Wow. Just noticed something. In that screenshot where it's the Gallian tank's turn, it's currently targeting what looks to be a heavy-style tank. The tank's name in Katakana spells out "Dandelion". A dandelion is a member of the family Asteracae. Now, take a guess as to what prominent plant family that an Edelweiss belongs to? Seems like Gallia started mass production on the super tank...

Edit2: Looks like they got rid of tank tread HP as well.

Edit3: Interesting... looks like they've got multi-zone/multi-stage maps this time around from that map screenshot.

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