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Originally Posted by EdenB
Just to reiterate, Miyako is mine. xP One of the non-pictured, shown on the left of this comparison photo.

Yes, there's some similarity indeed...
Does someone have a pic of Eriko (who isn't in the pic at the top as well?)

Originally Posted by Cloudnine
Judgement Chime is Navel's serialized manga in E★2, a new bishoujo manga that features the works of many ero-game artists like Tony Taka, Aoi Nishimata, and Carnelian.
Ah, so that's why it talks about "collaboration"...

Originally Posted by Cloudnine
Kinako and Kohda are characters created through a contest sponsored by Navel and G's magazine. In this contest, fans would send in their own character designs and story for the two sub-characters. The top two entries would be featured in the game along with other prizes and such.
Hmm, that's very interesting
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