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OMG (screaming!!!!)..Sai & Ino love story started in Shikamaru Novel!!! OMG OMG OMG! (im having difficulty in breathing now!) so so wonderfully done..heartwarming start..its like the feeling i felt when Naruto access Hinata's memory.. Yamanaka jutsu is really badass jutsu.. if Naruto world was real i want to have that kind of power too.. now i want to change the order of my shipping..
1. NaruHina - of course!
2. ShikaTema
3. SasuSaku

1. NaruHina
2. ShikaTema
3. Sai Ino
4. SasuSaku

i hope, hope, hope, they will animate the novel..

oh!! hinata, temari and ino have one thing in common..they risk their lives to save their husbands.. sweet!

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