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Originally Posted by Sprite_Coke View Post
rofl at how first everyone's immediate reaction to multiheroine is 'oh school days', then as soon as omnibus format is introduced 'oh amagami'. Just enjoy the show for what it is...
I was going to edit your post as I've been religiously removing all other references to School Days so far, but I will grant you this. People seem to have this fixation on comparing shows to others they already know rather than just taking things for what they are. In fact, unless I'm mistaken, I think this is the first anime to ever use this exact story structure (with the multiple branch points), not to mention that the exact way it's developing each story makes it a bit hard to place compared to other TV anime. I read one review today that said simply of this series: "it's porn"... and, in a sense, maybe it isn't so completely wrong. It's simply that the ratio of story to risque content is much higher, which makes it a lot more tolerable to me than a regular "hentai anime" (which I almost invariably can't stand).

Anyway, bottom line, I think you're right that people would be better served to think of this as a unique production that builds on ideas used before but combines them in a unique way.
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