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needs moar YAN :3
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ARGHH why did they have to go with omnibus format... a linear storyline that connects everybody would be so much more involved imo... sigh.

I've suddenly lost a lot of interest in this now that I know I won't have much to look forward to in terms of story depth and development. I mean shit, look at the schedule for each arc...

Originally Posted by Snowgoon View Post
Blu-ray Vol 1. Kazuha route : Ep 1,2,3,4
Blu-ray Vol 2. Akira Route : Ep 1,2,5,6
Blu-ray Vol 3. Nao Route : Ep 1,7,8,9
Blu-ray Vol 4. Sora Route : Ep 1,7,10,11,12
3 or 4 ep's for each individual story arc, how much DEPTH can you go into... sigh.

Was REALLY looking forward to seeing some character conflict, drama, resolution, build up... etc. But I guess not.

Whatever, I'll keep watching so that I can at least see the Sora route

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Thats one way to get all the girls w/o ending up dead
Right, and what's the fun in that? Shouldn't that be what OVAs and specials are for?

Looks like a lot of people like this format though

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