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Originally Posted by wtf View Post
ARGHH why did they have to go with omnibus format... a linear storyline that connects everybody would be so much more involved imo... sigh.

I've suddenly lost a lot of interest in this now that I know I won't have much to look forward to in terms of story depth and development. I mean shit, look at the schedule for each arc...

3 or 4 ep's for each individual story arc, how much DEPTH can you go into... sigh.

Was REALLY looking forward to seeing some character conflict, drama, resolution, build up... etc. But I guess not.

Whatever, I'll keep watching so that I can at least see the Sora route

Right, and what's the fun in that? Shouldn't that be what OVAs and specials are for?

Looks like a lot of people like this format though
i feel you man, seriously i do, not that many people actually like omnibus format either trust me on that, but seeing how they go with branching routes like this, it might be better to wait until everything is concluded then watch whatever route that you want in the correct order to avoid the akward shift of character's perspective when we go to different route (which what i might ended up doing)

feels like save point system in an eroge walkthrough :P
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